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Biotechnology Foods

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”
— Hippocrates 460–359 B.C., Father of Modern Medicine

Many people have asked us about the underlying logic or theme behind our foods development. What is the rationale behind our food selection? Is there a broader picture at play?

Our rationale is in fact very simple and can be summarized as follows.

All Our Foods Are Adaptogens
All Chang Gung Biotechnology foods are potent natural adaptogens.
Adaptogens are food supplements or ingredients that restore the body's balance and homeostasis, thus helping the body readjust better to stress or disease conditions. In ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, medicines and foods were classified into three categories, namely superior, medium, and inferior. All superior foods or medicines are known to have a multitude of beneficial activities that impact the body's hormonal and immunological functions, as well as every major body function. They are known to leave the body detoxified and rejuvenated. They can be used as safe foods for the long term. The body is said to become “decongested,” “des-obstructed,” or “clarified” with the use of such foods. As such, all superior foods are uplifting to body-mind. All superior medicines from ancient times would be considered adaptogens today.

Each one of our foods is considered a natural adaptogen. Each has a main focus of action on a particular system, but each also interfaces actively with all major systems or functions in the body, thus explaining the multitude of the health benefits seen.

We have screened the best adaptogens from all over the world from both nutritional and health-beneficial points of views, and we bring them to you through our offerings. They each carry a long history and tradition of health benefits recorded over many generations. They are all safe with long-term use. Whenever possible, only organic sources for our foods are used. In our extraction process, we always attend to utilizing the most gentle extraction methods, at low temperatures, so that functional activities in the foods can be retained. Biological activities are always assayed to make sure that our foods are retained “alive”.

Importance Attributed to Nano-Sized, Live Trace Elements
“You can trace every sickness, every ailment, and every disease to a mineral deficiency.”
— Linus Pauling, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner

Most of the foods that we consume today are lacking in a number of important nutrients, especially trace elements. This has to do with the way that foods have been planted and harvested for the past several hundred years. It is already well known that the lack of these elements is responsible for the many body-mind health problems experienced today. After many years of studies, we have developed an in-house nano-technology platform to extract elements in a size so small that it is at least one thousandth smaller in size than regular complexed elements. In this elemental form, they are soluble and are easily assimilated by life-forms, including plants and humans. They are also highly catalytic and appear to be necessary for the function of the many enzymes in the body. Because of their remarkable activity on the body, we have termed these elements Primordia™ Elements, since we strongly believe that they are primordial in nature and important in initiating, regulating and promoting all aspects of biological life.

All our foods are grown or supplemented with these Primordia™ Elements which consist of soluble trace elements in sub-nano size. We have long observed that all functional activities are remarkably enhanced or “potentiated” by the presence of these trace elements. This fact plus the gentle way in which they are processed make our foods truly unique in their potency and safety.

Healing Crisis is a Necessary Positive Change that You Will Experience
“Give me a healing crisis and I will cure any disease.”
— Dr. Henry Lindlahr

“Give me a fever and I will cure any disease.”
— Hippocrates 460–359 B.C., Father of Modern Medicine

Expect to have a healing crisis when using our foods. This healing crisis is part of the body changes brought forth by detoxification and the restoration of normal function. Healing crisis often brings forth mild discomfort, pains, and at times fever and chills. After this reaction, which can repeat itself in cycles that decrease in intensity with each time, there is a great improvement in body function. This reaction was well known to ancient healers, but it somehow has become neglected or forgotten by Modern Medicine. Curiously, this was strongly advocated by no other than Hippocrates, the founder of Modern Medicine. In contrast to suppressing the signs and symptoms of discomfort or disease, as advocated today, the Ancients believed in bringing out the symptoms of the disorder in order to heal it. This ancient understanding forms the basis of Homeopathic Medicine, rediscovered in the 18th century by a German physician. This understanding has also been paraphrased by Hering Law of Cure, which states: “All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared.”

Regaining Health is Your Responsibility and You Must Work Hard For It
It is our hope that through proper education, our consumers will re-assume the responsibility of health in their hands, by developing a proper lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, physical exercises, and mental readjustment. We believe that foods alone, or any practice alone, is insufficient for regaining health. They must be coupled with a radical change in values and attitudes towards life. Only through the integration of a sense of harmony, balance, and positive attitude can optimal health be regained.