About CGB

Our Vision

We are an organization that is committed to improve the physical and mental well-being of mankind, and to preserve and improve the environment that we live in. We will accomplish our vision through our respect for ancient wisdom and advanced sciences and applying them to product development and technological breakthrough. We strongly believe that individual diversity, creativity, stewardship and collaborative effort based on our core value is the best way to fulfill our vision. We will dissimilate knowledge through education and make our products natural, environmentally friendly and most affordable to benefit the general public.

Dear Valued Customer:
Thank you for your interest in our products. May we take a few minutes from you to introduce our Group and our aspirations?
Our Group seeks to promote and restore health through the use of a comprehensive range of products that represent the cutting edge of 21st century biomedical technology. We believe that the most effective way to achieve this is to combine the best practices from both Western and Eastern Medicines. We make use of precious knowledge accumulated since ancient times enhanced by
today' s technology. Thus applying the Ancients' wisdom to today's standards is our motto.
Although modern Medicine has done wonders to alleviate acute conditions such as infectious diseases, it still has a long way to go to alleviate chronic ailments. Recall that over 90% of all diseases that you can possibly name or come across are chronic, or stem from chronic conditions. Towards these diseases, modern Medicine has found effective means to alleviate disease symptoms but the roots of these diseases have been less often addressed. Eastern Medicine on the other hand attempts to heal the whole patient rather than just the disease symptoms but this type of approach is often slow-in-action or not easily reproduced from patient to patient. It is our intent to combine the best of these two healing modalities, and to integrate them with the latest breakthroughs in physics, chemistry, and biology.
Many technologies in healing have long been forgotten by modern man or some are deemed too advanced for our times. We have a dedicated team of researchers that have worked many years to advance some of the latest findings in nano-technology and materials research as will become obvious to you when you examine our whole product range. Many such technologies were long developed since ancient times, but unfortunately the modern man often chooses the harder way, ignoring or belittling what is so obvious to our ancient forefathers.
We believe that you should be properly educated about your health condition so that you can make a conscientious decision about your future. Often, we believe that the patients are not given the proper guidance and are not aware of the choices of healing that they may choose from. We are therefore committed to educating the public about all the available options that are out there. Supplying you with relevant and timely information is a key means by which we want to service you and your family.
In our quest for optimal health, we attend to balance, harmony, resonance, and safety. We see the lack of balance, harmony and resonance as the key reasons why there are so many chronic diseases today. We believe that good health can only be restored through a complete, whole body-mind transformation. Short of this radical transformation, healing is unattainable and would be akin to placing a band-aid rather than addressing the root cause. We also firmly believe that health is not bestowed but earned hard through a change in one's lifestyle through ingestion of adequate and nutritious foods, through attendance to exercising properly, and through a proper understanding of the many factors that affect one's health, and not just by taking one or two medications. Thus, health must be actively pursued, rather than passively acquired through medications! In most cases, we are certain that optimal health can be achieved through daily preventive measures rather than relying on emergency measures after disease symptoms have flared up. We have termed this new comprehensive program of healing Primordia™ Medicine, since we believe it truly addresses the core of disease as we understand it and as the Ancients lived and understood thousands of years ago.

■Safety and Quality Control:
We have vowed to bring to you only the safest products that have been manufactured through rigorous quality control and meticulous attention to every detail during the production process. To the extent possible, all our ingredients are natural and safe for internal consumption. All raw materials are carefully screened for cleanliness and exact specifications. Each manufacturing step has its own checkpoint. Our external use products are also designed always with safety and quality guarantee in mind. Not only the manufacturing must exceed acceptable Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), but in all instances, all products must exceed our own internal standards, which are even more rigorous.

This commitment to quality and safety is strongly shared by every member of this Group. There is not one product that we ourselves would not use personally or endorse strongly to our own family members. This is the level of trust that we have placed in each one of our products and we hope that this level of responsibility and care will come across as you experience each one of our offerings.

Continuous Research and Improvement:
We have excellent research facilities at Chang Gung University and Ming Chi University of Technology, where our process improvement and new materials research are carried out. In addition, we also have a state-of-the-art Agricultural and Environmental Research Center in Lolita, Texas, U.S.A., equipped with green houses and the latest equipment for microorganisms research.

Several dedicated teams work full time to find and implement continuous improvements. Through our close interaction with university professors and researchers, we are assured that the latest technological breakthroughs are continuously incorporated into our products.